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    ICP Spring student meeting for summer internship feedback
       IIT서울            17-06-14             769    
I had the last ICP spring student meeting last night.
Below are their comments about current internship experience.
Not everyone shared individual experience though.

1. Printer company
  This company does manufacturing 3D printers, assembling parts, developing
  design and doing marketing/business.
  Intern does so much diverse work since the company expanded their business.
  Diverse experience brought good experience to the intern.
  The intern also felt sorry for too much work.
  However, the intern work time is limited 20 hours a week.
  The intern's undergrad study area was material engineering so he learned
  a lot from this valuable experience.
  Satisfaction rate:  4 out of 5

2. Financial company
  Office location is a heart of downtown of Chicago.
  Interns do assisting business and a secretary role for a personal finance
  The manager assigns daily work duty each in the morning.
  The interns feel the assigned work seems not that productive work but the
    manager tries to assign daily work.
  The manager is a very good, very neat and gentle person.
  Working schedule is not clear and not constant though.
  Interns can meet the manager frequently.
  This office belongs to a personal financial manager so interns feel it's not
  part of a big organization but the company itself is a really big company.
  Satisfaction rate: 4 out of 5

3. Realtor company
  The intern's major is IT.
  The manager does not assign work duty clearly.
  Less personal contact during a day because everyone in the office looks very
  busy.  Hard to meet employees during internship.
  Good experience for external activity with manager.
  Satisfaction rate: 2 out of 5 (because it's hard to meet people)

4. Sport Center
  The intern's undergrad major is sports and health so she applied to this
  The intern organizes inventories and paper works.
  Intern duty is all kinds of works can be happened in a sports center.
  However, this sports center seems not having many required works due to
  summer season.
  Satisfaction rate: 3.5 out of 5 (because of not much work)

Have a good rest of summer.


Michael Y. Choi, Ph.D.
Adj. Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
Illinois Institute of Technology
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