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    Feedback from the ICP Korean student meeting
       IIT서울            17-11-16             760    
ICP Korean students and I had a meeting this week.
There was no serious issues in the ICP program so far.
Thanks for good care of those students.

** Best things at IIT **

1. MSV dormitory is a good place to meet many foreign friends.

2. IIT provides good environment for studying, exercising/sport/gym and many social events.

3. IIT's blackboard system is excellent tool for academic study.
  Lecture notes, grading, communications, and announcements can be used by the blackboard system.
4. IIT locates center of other universities in Chicago area so meetings with other college's people are easy.

5. IIT makes an English speaking club for international students.
  International students can practice their speaking in English within club activities.

6. Many different international students come to IIT so more diverse international culture can be experienced.

7. Racquetball club with prof. Choi is good for weekly sports action to be healthy even in cold fall/winter season.

8. IIT naturally makes all students study a lot in IIT campus life.

** Facts need improvement in IIT campus **

1. At the beginning of the semester, housing office still did insect treatment.
  Before fall semester starts, all insect treatment need to be done.

2. IIT Library is always full with students so finding an available study space is not easy.

3. The Internet speed, especially WiFi, in the MSV is very slow, comapred to Korean universities.

All, have a good weekend.

Best regards,

Michael Y. Choi, Ph.D.
Adj. Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
Illinois Institute of Technology
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